Strategy & Change -

Leading into an attractive future

We support our customers in developing future-oriented strategies and implementing them within the company.

Our focus

  • Strategy development (for companies or organizational unit): Analysis of markets, customers, products, core competencies and trends. Collaborative vision-design and plan-implementation 
  • Interdisciplinary innovation workshops, future conference and learning journeys
  • Change: Effective and sustainable implementation of new strategies, structures,  management principles, e.g. planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling changes at all levels of the company.

Project Leadership -

The art and practice of realising something new

New products, processes and systems are born from projects. When we look at projects our motto is: standards are important but not sufficient; creativity and innovation emerge in the space beyond standards.

Project Leadership is a difference-maker and a key factor in business success. We design development programs and seminars that unfold the personal strengths and competencies of project leaders and managers and offer good integration between learning and practice. Through this we increase the likelihood of your future success.

Our focus

  • Review of management talents – inventory
  • Design and establish career paths for »Project Leader«
  • Project Leadership Programs and Seminars  
  • Coaching of leaders and project managers

In addition, we support you in finding suitable, agile organizational structures for your company and projects.

Our focus

  • Organizational development to promote agile, project-like working methods
  • Support and advice for specific projects

Team Development -

Fostering collaboration

Teams - sometimes virtual - are becoming more and more important to change endeavours, projects and other tasks within organizations. Whether a team is more intelligent than its individual members depends on how communication and collaboration are organized. We promote learning and development processes in your team - tailored to your specific needs.

Our focus

  • Start with a new or changed team
  • Develop and implement visions, goals and strategies in the team
  • Promote dialogue competency
  • Transition coaching: support you in taking-on a new leadership position
  • Work on problems and conflicts within the team
  • Lessons Learned Workshop

Workshops -

Energizing and productive

In workshops complex questions are addressed which go beyond normal daily business. The atmosphere and productivity of a workshop are decisive for the achievements of your (project) work. We offer you creative and goal-oriented workshops. 

We would be pleased to advise you on the design of workshops and/or take over their facilitation

By using us as a facilitator all participants can fully concentrate on their contributions.

Our focus

  • Kick-off events
  • Workshops for the development of visions, strategies or mission statements
  • Planning and concept workshops
  • Lessons Learned Workshop - not just at the end of projects
  • Conferences  and large group events

Coaching -

Dialogues based in trust

Coaching is understood as a trustful personal face-to-face consultation. We help you change perspectives and find new ways of working and leading. Our human and professional experience, as well as our social and methodological competences, will benefit you.

The First Conversation is Essential

Coaching benefits from lively trust-based interactions between the dialogue partners. You will sense and appreciate in an initial meeting how this works and how useful it will be for you.  When the chemistry is good, a huge amount is possible.

All of our coaches are themselves coached and supported which gives them an added perspective on their coaching process.

Our focus

  • Handling specific leadership situations, such as conflicts, decision-making situations, etc.
  • Transition coaching: starting in a new role
  • Career Coaching: creating and reorganizing your professional future
  • Preparation for assessments
  • Personal coaching to strengthen leadership competences, e.g. self-regulation, assertiveness, etc.