Echaz-Consulting GmbH is a consulting company based in Freiburg im Breisgau that offers consulting, training and coaching. The company was founded in 2008. We work regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our Approach

We enjoy collaborating with clients to bring something new into the world, and to strengthen your success in the long term. We agree concrete goals with all the involved parties  and thus create a focus for the way forward. We remain agile in our goal orientation. Changes, innovations and learning need to be viewed freshly from the outside. Disturbances, uncertainties and resistances need to be handled constructively. To this end we will establish sustainable structures and a culture of trust-based dialogue. Curiosity, commitment and striving to create benefits are the central values ​​of our work.

Our partners

We collaborate with partners with varied personal and professional skills. For each project we look carefully to ascertain which of our consultants will fit best with your needs.

Our partners work as leaders and project managers in companies, are active as consultants and trainers or come from scientific research and teaching.